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Wacko Jacko's Visit

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Should this weird 5h1te be allowed into our country whilst he is facing the abuse allegations?

Personally, I think not.

Especially more so, considering the level of opinion about "past alleged offences" with the Ian Huntley case.

If Jacko's guilty, bang him up for the remainder of his life and take all his assets away and donate them to some world wide charity for children. I say "world wide" because he has earnt money from all over the world, so the world should at least get something positive from his [alleged] heinous actions.

What say you good people?

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not the first "singer" to be allowed in with this kind of thing hanging over him.A singer/writer investigated about under-age sex which included videos of himself at it recently toured here and had No 1 single and album.When Glitter accused he was immediately removed from spice girls film,but what message did dressing one of them up as a school girl send out?

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