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Lennie Macfartney

Tomorrow's game

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The one offs won't be there, so we shouldn't have to put up with 'No surrender' nonsense or Burberry hatted buffoons embarrassing the rest of us. That said, let's try & emulate the commitment shown to non stop support which was so apparent against Notts County & (for me at least) drowned out the stupidity that was apparently also going on.


We deperately need 3 points. We 'just' need to click into gear as we did, so long ago it seems now, in our last home league win, when we swept Exeter aside with that amazing 1st half performance.


Everyone, whatever your views on the management or individual players, get behind us for the entire game tomorrow. Let's aim to have the pints of the stupid sods who stay in The Plough trembling & rocking with the noise from the Northfleet End.


Onward & upward!


Lennie Mac

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