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Colin - McBride - Sponsored by - Simon Philpot

Jim - McFarlane - Sponsored by - Hornchurch O

Sir Gary - Hall - Sponsored by - Blackballed

Ronnie - Hanley - Sponsored by - Alex Sharp

Mark - Holloway - Sponsored by - Fred Hawthorn

- - -

Alex - Bentley - Sponsored by - Jean and Pete Burd

Jed - Chouman - Sponsored by - Del Edkins

Ayrton - Coley - Sponsored by - Eddie Wheeler

Dave - Collis - Sponsored by - Stan and Ollie

Nathan - Cooper - Sponsored by - Urchinman1961 (Dave Abbs)

JJ - Da Cruz - Sponsored by - Joe the Geordie

Paul - Goodacre - Sponsored by - Upminster Tap Room

Tobi - Joseph - Sponsored by - Laura McBride

Kenzer - Lee - Sponsored by - Wivenhoe Urchin

Leon - McKenzie - Sponsored by - Tony and Jay

James - Morrish - Sponsored by - Ken and Tina

Sam - Mott - Sponsored by - Seanie the Sheep

George - Purcell - Sponsored by - Annie and Ian

Abs - Seymour - Sponsored by - Leah Sharp

Elliot - Styles - Sponsored by - Colin Burford

Abs - Thompson - Sponsored by - Kelvedon Hatch

Ross - Wall - Sponsored by - Hornchurch O

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Ponytail Pete


Andy has now amended the sponsorship page on the web site (thanks Andy), and I have asked Peter to make the change to tTHE UPMINSTER TAP ROOM in the next programme.



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Pete - the programme for the postponed match was not released, as it will be used when the match takes place (with an insert to keep it up to date).


I have asked PB to update the sponsors page in the programme.


Andy has already updated the web site (thanks, Andy).



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