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Back to work after Christmas


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Yet another six hardy apprentices joined the govenor, Roy, at Brimsdown this morning. Areas behind the Town End have now been concreted and so has the front of the JETS hanger. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Monday 29 - 10.00am - 1.00pm


Can you spare three hours?


Are you back at work?


If not, then we need your assistance.


If you have bricklaying skills, than could you bring your tools and help Roy with the dugouts whilst us apprentices carry on with the labouring.<img src="/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" />


All help is greatfully appreciated.


Bring a spade, fork, hard wearing gloves and plenty of muscle.


See you there.

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Raining persistently at 10.00am and Brimmo was deserted so I went to Lloyds instead.


Next working party will be Sunday 4 January at 10.00am - 1.00pm.


Just a reminder - if you have bricklaying skills, and can help Roy this week, then send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will pass it on to Roy.



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who has the crabs?

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lets use the net for the its true perpose ie stopping the ball hitting the towners directly behind the goal when clarky and billy the cat beat the kipper and score.

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i will keep a CAPTAIN BIRDSEYE out for you.

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The first Sunday back after Christmas saw Roy and his gang of eight tackle two jobs this morning.


Dave F was making good the sheeting on the turstiles whilst the rest of us started digging out the walkway for the players between the entrance to the pitch and back to the fence.


What did this entail? Digging out the earth. Putting it in wheelbarrows and taking it out of the ground. Roy/John preparing the shuttering, with Keith and myself picking up at least six full wheelbarrows of hard core(the brick type!). Where did all this come from? From around the Brimsdown site!


Some may say that we should have done more. However, we cut a 4 metre strip and filled it. Next Sunday, we aim to continue right up to the compound gate. After that, the concrete goes in which is mixed on site by our gaffer, Roy.


There is still a lot to do because we then have to continue digging and concreting right up to the changing room doors! This will take at least 7 Sundays to complete so we need help. Thanks must go to the usual few, but more help is needed at 10.00am on Sundays. We stay for three hours so that we can get back home for dinner/drinks.


All this, and more, needs to be completed before we will even be allowed to climb up the pyramid. We do not have spare money, but we do have people. It is with this in mind that I ask supporters to devote some of their time to assisting the usual few.


You do not need building skills, we leave that to Roy, just a willingness to dig!


Don't forget to bring a spade and a fork.


Bubbles was on hand to make the tea and Frank timed his entrance and exit to perfection. Only those there will know what I mean.


Thanks guys. Sorry that I will not be able to help next Sunday, but a university run to Exeter and back will not leave me with a lot of time. Mind you, I am sure that supporters will be flocking in their hundreds to help us.


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sorry to have missed today, wished I'd been there, needed cheering up after yesterdays stolen points.


but have now got the panto/party finished (great thanks)

Decorating completed, so that keeps boss happy, so I'll be there over the next few Sundays.


Are we doing any midweek evenings?


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An extra work party was held this morning. Roy, the gaffer, and Jim, the manager, dug out more of the players tunnel path, while Big Boy Bubbles and Pressman Pete demolished the brick wall behind the old Brimsdown stand for re-use as hardcore.


They will be over there again tomorrow (Tuesday) morning from

about 10 am.


Are you on leave, on a late shift? If so, and you can spare some time, then get over to Brimmo to help. It will be appreciated.




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