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Not going to say it again

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Our Tony is at it again, a load of xolloxxx about WMD which his American friends deny almost as he is speaking

Now! since before his illegal invasion of Iraq several of us have been saying that he simply cannot be trusted with facts

If he had said "this man Saddam is an evil barsteward who must be killed" we may have gone part of the way with him

So what is to happen to our friend Tony who illegally killed thousands of Arabs, will he at least resign, will his government resign, will all of his pink friends hide in shame

No! none of the above you see our prime minister has dragged this once great country into a condition of belief that integrity counts for nought

That will be our Tony!s only legacy


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The bit I found most amusing about the US denial is the fact that the interviewer was trying to to tell the interviewee it was Mr Blair who had made the statement. But like all polititians he refused to listen, then had to backtrack and say some sort of evidence HAD in fact been found.


Don't ya just love 'em?


Maybe not.

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Apparently a replacement "truth" is being sent down from Central Office and will take 6 weeks to deliver. In the meantime, Central Office have requested that the remainder of the "statement" be returned, with original packaging, to Central Office, and will be sending a man & van around to collect. Customers are advised to be at home between Monday-Friday 8am -6pm in order to complete collection. Central Office apologize for not setting a more specific time, and also apologize for any inconvenience.

....But don't ask for a refund, as you won't get it.

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Les, I'm intrigued by your comment of the 3rd !


I always thought MI5 was internal security. Surely you meant MI6.


(God Bless Nine Elms)

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Well MI5 came from a Statement given by MI6 who wan't to shift the blame onto MFI, but didn't have a local branch.

[color:"blue"] Not even a Special Branch ?

They should have TWIGGED that one !

[color:"black"] Oh God ! Here we go again !!

[color:"red"] NURSE ????????????? [color:"black"]
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even the boundaries between M15 & 6 have been fcud up by blairs pinko quango's...MI5 have responsibility for internal security...however...


if they are on the trail of a bunch of physco extremeist muslim fanatics holed up in the new mosque on the mile end road..(you know...the one with the mens and ladies entrances which we cannot do in our places because its discriminatory)...


then they have to hand the file over to MI6 who will deal with it because its 'international' by nature...


whilst the files being 'handed over'...the terrorists all move to another mosque somewhere in birmingham....


culdn't make it all up culdya... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


oh...nearly forgot...did you hear about the chemist who was beaten to an inch of his life by a drug abusing lunatic...seems the chemist when recovered found a clue as to the assailants ID...went into his database and found the culprits name....


great stuff...job done and a seriously dangerous criminal locked up without any police effort..(as we know they're all very very busy nicking motorists)...not quite so it would seem...the chemist's research was deemed to be against the data protection act as ammended by blairs gangsters....


''can't use that mate...it infringes his human rights''...says plod...


so the chemist knows who nearly killed him...the police know who nearly killed the chemist and the soon to be murderer is still free ....




still goes to another chemist across the road...





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...and women get cheaper car insurance, despite having more accidents than men (fact). Women are more likely to have scrapes and bashes at low speeds [i.e.parking cars etc] and don't usually claim on their insurance as the repair bills are usually low. Still, I begrudge being called a worse driver. Especially as I was the victim of a "hit and run" by a woman motorist in a car park several weeks ago!

As for the chemist story..surely the police database would also infringe "human rights" then?

Can the police not retrieve profiles etc from their computers now?

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And after all that, can I just say, It's great to see yer back in good form, Uncle Urch !


Don't talk ter me 'bout the Data Protection Act. After doing a course on it within Local Governernment, I realised in under five minutes the whole bl**dy act is shot ter hell with more holes of ambiguity than our kitchen collender !

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Wasn't the DATA Protection Act enforced by Jean Luc Pickard on the Enterprise?? <img src="/images/graemlins/alk.gif" alt="" />

[color:"red"] And I thought that was what Jean Luc did with his nose !


<img src="/images/graemlins/doah.gif" alt="" />
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