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Aveley v's Urchins

Uncle Urchin

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right then you lazy urchins...up and out of bed and down to aveley for the Bryco Cup fandango this afternoon.....


most of you may well recall the sadness on having to 'loan' our cup to yeading when they won it in May....(all silverware is rightfully ours)...so...lets get down there today and cheer the patched up urchin warriors on to the next round...


see you all there and don't be making excuses...its nearer to hx than hx is.... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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I thought they'd be more there today, too.

Mind you..good job there wasn't as I think the Tea Bar was a tad...shall we say...overwhelmed with customers.


Yum ! Those burgers were raw!

Saw a few people fight their way back through the queue to retrieve cooked ones.

I hope all those that ingested are fit enough for next w/end's match!

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