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One last grouse


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I'm still posting as I still can't believe tonights inept performance, even if it has been on the cards for the last 3 games.


One piece of stupidity summed it up for me.


2-0 down, maybe 10 minutes to go. Walton down to 10 men, so its not all over (remember Ashford). Walton Keeper collects the ball, takes a knock, so kicks the ball into touch nearby and rolls over.


We take the throw in and give possession back to Walton. Why? Ok if a player might be seriously injured, the ball should be kicked into touch, but their keeper was not seriously injured, just in pain---why did we "sportingly" give possession back? He was obviously not seriously injured as he was well enough to kick the ball into touch.


OK, the above is arguable, perhaps (though I doubt it), the correct thing was to give possession back. But how did we do it? The throw in was not to the keeper, but strongly over the line for a goal kick. Result, a nice little time waster while the ball had to be retrieved from way behind the goal. Valuable time lost, breather taken, pressure removed. Complete stupidity.

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'Valuable time' is a good talking point. How many minutes were wasted by having to retrieve the balls which had travelled half a mile from the pitch over the running track? And how many minutes did the ref add on at the end? Lunacy.

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sums up your performance when the only talking point is sportmanship,


It happens at every match, live with it,


PS take a look at the keepers thigh and you might change your mind


PPS and dont forget your no.8 should have gone of for punching.


you wernt good enough on the night and wouldnt have scored any nore if we hav been down to 5.




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