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I'm chair of the London based Blackpool supporters group (affectionately known as BASIL - the group not me !)


The story goes that we have heard that there are links between Pool and yourselves (Tangerines, founded by Pool fans, team colours etc). Can anyone shed any light on this as many of our group are interested and if so, maybe we can pop over for a game sometime




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Apparently we changed our colours to tangerine and white in the 60's because our then chairman was a Blackpool fan. Also, I heard we could only afford one set of kit back then and no-one else in our league / division wore tangerine so we chose it as our shirt colour for that reason!


Feel free to turn up for a game whenever you feel like it. Mention your link - best to let the club when you're coming and you might get someone to buy you a beer at least!

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