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I'd like to enter the Ian Cooper debate being had earlier by lovely stuff and Steph.


For what it's worth I think Cooper's a great little player, a real find by Jim, and has brought a breath of fresh air to our attacking play. I agree that he didn't have a good game on Saturday - looked short of match fitness - but 9 goals in 14 games is not a bad return, particularly as he's not been at his best in recent games and hasn't scored in the last 3. Before that the return was 9 in 11.


If you remember earlier in the season we were all bemoaning the lack of a threat up front - Cooper, Cove and Smith have all played a big part in changing that. It's Jim's unenviable task of getting the mix right - with Danny Clarke also staking his claim on his return I think Ulatowski and Miller will find it difficult to get a first team place at the moment. But Jim does keep giving them the opportunity to shine from the bench and I'd be delighted to see both of them take it as long as somebody's sticking the ball in the back of the net for the Town!


It'd be nice if we could keep some out at the other end though.....

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Two thoughts:


1. Jim will need to adopt a pattern of play up front that suits all of the strikers on the day. Ian thought that at Ilford the tactic of belting it forward for Daniel at every opportunity didn't help him-I think he may have a point.


2. His running off the ball looked better than it has for some weeks on Saturday.

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