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Carey Place was a legendary place, a sort of council attempt at a venue, gone horribly wrong. I saw a few other bands there too.


For some reason, I remember the guitarist from the Bears had a 4x12 speaker with only 3 speakers in it. They were pretty awful, but that seemed standard in those days.

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I saw Top of the Pops 2 the other day, and there were two birds (twins) who were once student nurses singing. I think it was from the 1980's but not too sure (but the dress sence certainly says it the 80's!!!)


Can't remember what they were called (as a band) but Steve Wright said you'd never have thought anything like this would come out of St.Albans.



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Napalm Death played the Rugby club in Watford! And there used to be a venue called the Blue Rooms, which was part of the college, that hosted NAM (New Age Metal) nights. It got stopped though, 'cos the ceiling started coming down 'cos people used to go nuts in there. Loads of bands who have done fairly well in the metal/punk scene played there- Breed 77, Sikth, Raging Speedhorn, Violent Delight. I believe an ex-member of the Prodigy also played there with his new band, but I can't recall names. Anyway these NAM nights were also hosted by The Horn a few times. Happy days!

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Cheers! I think his name was something like 'buzz'. They may just have been lying to get people in. Although, considering you only payed about 4 quid to see 4 or so bands, it's not surprising plenty of people went along. I've just remembered, Lost Prophets played at the rugby club too!


The new prodigy album is out this year isn't it?

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