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Everyone whose mobile numbers I've got...

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Mate, you sounded really offended when I texted you back, calling you a w..ker! That second voicemail was quality! I would have answered it but was about to go to bed!


PS: I'll warn you now mate, LMU's got your phone number so expect havoc!

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Yeah twice. First time I didn't hear my phone going off and you left a voicemail telling me to switch my mobile on. I think you called me a c..t! Second time was about 10.45. You said my proper name and said something about loving me more than Thornsy. Something about Oasis as well!


Damn quality mate. Sorry I didn't answer my phone but as I said, I was really knackered and wanted to go to bed.

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No mate, you didn't start texting him as well?

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Yeah some mate!!, I'm surprised you didn't phone up and start singing "Do They Know It's Christmas" down the phone.


I still think that was funny when I texted you calling you a w..ker, if you've still got that message put it on here! You seemed to take it so personally!

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