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Football Swap Shop

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One of South Africa's best-known Premier League football clubs have swapped places with a First Division rival.


Hellenic, the country's oldest professional side, have sold their top flight status to Premier United with only half the season gone.


The £400,000 deal - perfectly legal in South Africa - means Hellenic drop into Division One with immediate effect, while Premier go into the, er, Premier.


Come on, keep up at the back.


At the outset it seems like a nice bit of business by the United board, but upon closer inspection Hellenic might not be quite as green as they are cabbage looking.


Because both teams start the rest of the season where the other side left off.


This means Hellenic are just six points off the top in Division One, while their rivals find themselves firmly rooted to the bottom of the Premier League.


For those of you still following, this throws up the very real scenario that the two clubs could swap places again come May, when promotion and relegation issues are settled - with Hellenic £400,000 better off.


Nice work if you can get it.


Maybe the powers that be could sanction a similar system in Britain.



Rochdale? That's a good one


Let's bring back Swap Shop, complete with Noel Edmonds, Keith Chegwin and Posh Paws, and get fans to phone in with their suggestions as to which teams should swap places.


Two appealing scenarios immediately spring to mind - Manchester United and Celtic for Carlisle and East Stirling.


Can you imagine Sir Alex jetting off to the likes of Rochdale and Macclesfield week in week out? Marvellous.





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