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My Choppers


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newer than yours?


Well isn't it nice to see that Raleigh are going retro' with the return of the 'Chopper'. Unlike it's father, the new model will sport the gear shift via it's twist grip, I believe. This will be a welcome relief for all us blokes, who mashed up our 'Alberts' on the bloody thing many years ago!!


The approx' new price..... take a deep breath......£250 .


For all you smaller guys/girls, there is no plan to reintroduce the 'Chipper'........


Pass the Spangles.

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i guess in 5 years time we will see a return of the 'grifter' and its smaller brother the 'boxer' ..

bringing back the chopper is a wrongun it will destroy the myth..

twist grip gears!! missing a gear change and finding neutral whilst going up hill and breaking a leg was what the chpper was all about.. that and taping the seat up to keep the foam in..

it will probably have some handlebar device to stop you sitting your bird on there.

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