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It's good to see that phoney scouse scabbing Tory [***!!***] Robert Kilroy-Silk has finally attracted the audience he truly deserves. After his anti-Arab outburst in the pro-PLO tabloid The Express (yes, that's called sarcasm) and the subsequent cancellation of his mind-rot BBC 'debate' programme, our Bobby has become the darling of every twisted racist phone-in bigot across the land. Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips programme was a right old hoot as twisted old colonialists phoned in with their stories of Johnny Foreigner poking their own eyes out in Ceylon and suicide bombers from Afghanistead (yes, Afghanistead is near Hampstead) and Oldham (yes, Oldham) killing our lads because they've been brainwashed by their parents and men with eye patches and hooks into hating white people.


It would be funny if there weren't so many of these beauts about for whom the media hysteria concerning asylum seekers and Islamic terrorism has legitimised every half-baked racist opinion they've ever held. Make no mistake these are the same people who backed Enoch Powell and would like to see Britain as a land where stupid poor white people are ruled by stupid rich white people for the benefit of stupid rich people. They fall for it every time, these clueless defenders of free speech and of course, the Tory press love it because it justifies their own middle class paranoia.


These people are petrified of losing their own pathetic little perks; their pensions, their mortgages, their share options, their cosy suburban existences and so create demons with which to scare the working class. They're far too weedy to put their own heads above the parapet and so rely on the 5Live phone-in regiment of hard-done-by proles to do their dirty work. Ah, hear the cries of outrage from these so-called friends of 'tolerance' and 'fair play.' They whine and bleat and threaten because they believe someone is having them off; someone is actually further down the food chain than they are and they want to keep it that way, mate. So Kilroy-Slik, the snake-oil salesman has swallowed some of his own poison and become a martyr for all the 'free speech' fanatics out there who love to defend free speech as long they agree with what's being said.


Kilroy for those unaware of his time as a former MP for Kirkby and its environs, was de-selected as the local Labour group objected to him spending more time in his Buckinghamshire mansion than his own constituency with the hoi polloi. Not content with his own 'Kilroy' production company (is this [***!!***] an egomaniac or what?) and a big fat fee from the BBC, he also feels the need to spew reactionary drivel for the good folk of Middle England via the Express. What goes around comes around. I hope the twat gets caught by numerous speed cameras as he races around London campaigning for himself.




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