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An influx of legal immigrant is imminent....

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...and it's all as a result of being part of the EU. I've received an e-mail from another recruitment consultancy in Latvia seeking partnerships with UK consultancies in order to bring Latvian's into the UK. With the enlargement of the EU, you can expect mpore and more eastern Europeans coming to the UK to seek a 'better life'. There will be more and more turks and Kurds coming too. It is all legal and above board! As long as they are citizens of an EU country they can come here as and when they please. Yes, I know they won't qualify for unemployment benefit but you can bet your bottom dollar that many will get on the benefits system some how. WHAT A JOKE! The UK is over populated and the health and education sectors are struggling. It is time to get out of Europe now!

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Someone's not happy. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Actually, I heard about Russian pensioners who come over here being offered higher pension than those who have lived and worked here all/most of their lives. If it's true it's a disgrace.


Why are most of these assylum seekers men, eh?


Russian women can be a bit tasty (except the shot-putters!) - I'd happily have a few more of them coming over me..I mean..here. <img src="/images/graemlins/chloenurse.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/jump.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/sperma.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/pipe.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/sleeping.gif" alt="" />

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Mr Happy said:
This is a serious debate and could be potentially more damaging to the UK than asylum seekers.

I take your point Mr Happy...but just sometimes you need to find humour in the worst of situations.
Its called Gallows Humour - soldiers in the trenches often practised it - even to go so far as to shake the rotting hand of a fallen, unburied comrade before they went over the top. Some would say macabre...but if they felt strengthened from it then so what.
What myself and JoshtheEagle were exhibiting was comradeship under threatening conditions - the "working class" version of the stiff upper lip. Also proved that as UK citizens we have a degree of cultural commonality between eachother. Nowt wrong that? That's possibly one thing under threat by the new arrivals.
Back to THE DEBATE then.
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