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I have just about had enough of the amount of non football related so called facts being logged on to this forum.


I have asked nicely but the message does not seem to get through to some people, yes this is a forum open to anyone to come on to and have no problems with people airing there views as long as they are football related and facts are correct.


It is so easy to come on here and hide behind a name I call that the cowards way out and then write a load of facts which are most of the time incorrect or totally inaccurate. If you were big enough you would not hide behind a name and even have the bottle to ask your questions face 2 face.


What will not be tolerated on this forum is personal abuse to people. How would you like it if people wrote about you for all to see and most of the time what they are writing is not correct and was open for all there family to read. I know that I would be very upset. <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />


I only recently asked to be a moderator on this forum and like the others we all have a day job and in our spare time spend it with our families and helping with the running of our football club.


I do not expect to have to spend a majority of my day keeping an eye on this forum in case any personal or incorrect facts are posted.


I know that our new Chairman does read the forum and I would be very upset if he instructed for this to be closed down as it does provide supporters with good information when used correctly.


As the Chairman of the Supporters Association I would like to apologise to the large number of people who use this forum correctly as it is a small hand full who are spoiling what should be a football information forum for us all.


Thank you for your co-operation and if you have any questions do not hide behind a name talk to me or a member of the BTSA or main club and we will answer your questions.


Regards but very annoyed.


Andrew Turner

BTSA Chairman.

[color:"red"] [/color]

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well said andrew....for a long time now I've watched in total disbelief as the 'tail eat the dog'....all of the so called facts posted by the these people..(as it turned out)..were incorrect...


now they're starting to attempt to destabalise the new regime...


do what we do.....get 'em off the forums...you and your real supporters will be better off without them....ignore crap about censorship and all the other old chesnuts....


as for Jim Hall and Rod Moores...well...from what I can see they have put together a deal that will take the club forward...(by selling to Steve Kent)....


well done to them both for that....


cross reference the IPS No's from these dissenters and ban all their log in names....


if they wanna run your club...let 'em get their cheque books out....


good luck...well done....

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