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the match

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Oh dear, what is the world of refereeing coming to!

The ref today was a disgrace,as were his two assistants,We have had some rubbish in the past but today took the biscuit.

if duku was not the last man how can he get sent off? offside decisions were late when given and more often than not ,not given at all.

I fever there was a case for louis over ben,today was it.Abbey was disinterested slow and lazy.Louis on the other hand had the workrate of haworth and some good holding up play with attacking spark.

And as for duku,when will people realise that he is gash.Moore was his usual brilliant self, and even when we were down to ten,we looked better without the duke.Shearer was immense.Why do we not start with him and mooro?

As for roy, he had a quiet game but showed promise i think.I'm reserving judgement for a couple of games.

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In Duku defence he had to make that tackle because he was left high and dry by other players being out of position.


Overall a better 2nd half performace than of late.


I too will hold judgement on Roy. Let the bloke settle in and then we will see! <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Moore And Shearer r the no 1 partnership 4 me both quality centre backs Duka has lost it this season not confident on the ball like Moore and Shearer and why does Skins have 2 come over 2 take the corners from the right side when u Protheroes set play is class,Roy done well won loads in the air and Evans looked sharp wen he came on very unlucky not 2 get a point today some strange decisions by the ref but whats new.

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FleetFanatic said:
Duku had a nightmare today - gave away the 2nd penalty (and it was definately one I hate to say) then got sent off - he hasn't really been good enough this season at all.

Agreed. Duku had a bad day at the office. He complained to the ref vociferously after Stevange's first penalty and from this moment forward the ref was probably looking for an excuse to dismiss him. Duku was at fault for the second penalty but to dismiss him too was harsh.

Francis was also up against Justin Richards - a tall, powerful player like Francis but with that extra yard of pace. Richards had another good game just like last season against us.

I'm a great admirer of Francis Duku - arguably the best Central defender I've seen in non-league football a couple of season's ago.

However, since his injury he has not been the same player, as he openly conceded in a newspaper article during our FA Cup run.

That said, as a Club we have to be realistic about the type of player that we can attract to the Club. Chris Moore is our best Central Defender at present because he plays to his strengths.

On his day, I believe Francis is a top quality central defender at non-league level and its down to Andy and the rest of the coaching staff to get the best from him as he has the ability to play at this level and higher with the right opportunities.
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after last weeks match when shearer was in inspired form it would have been better to start with him and moore today there forwards had too much pace (and they liked to play the ball over the top for thier forwards to run on to which was too much duka too handle surely somebody must have watched stevenage last week so this fact should have been known to the management team and lastly I have to agree with squakident we looked a much better defensive unit when shearer came on and the team seemed to respond and grew in confidence

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Sadly, I think the Duke's performances have dropped well below Conference standard. Miskicks, misdirected headers, slow, not reading the play, giving away penalties, then to cap it all arguing the toss with Lee Gledhill whilst waiting his red card.

All in all a very unprofessional performance.

Louis again looked sharper than Ben, who I thought didn't do badly.

Alex couldn't be faulted and handled well.

McKimm simply ran too much, too far, instead of playing a simple game behind the front 2. Protheroe sits quite happily in front of the defence playing the simple passes, Stevie Mac should follow Prothers, and would be a better player for it.

Bit dissapointeed overall, but a draw would have been fair result.


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I dont actually recall Alex having a save to make, except for the goals, of course.


They had a couple of efforts just wide, that spell of 3 quick corners in succession, where we got one off the line, they hit the bar, then shot over the top, and nothing else springs to mind.


Mind you, we didnt actuallyt cause Perez a problem too often either.

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