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hahahaha nI enjoyed being out there tday!! We havent set on hooky were open to ideas!! Yeh i felt a lot beeter once i cam eoff the pitch today!! I enjoyed mingling and mucking bout with the fans and players!!

Thought about prancing during the game but the prob would be i can see out a gole the size of a letterbox so would miss most of the game!!

Will be dig a lot of half time entertainment next game tho!!


Hope you enjoy having "Hooky" there!!


Pirate!! x

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Im glad you thought i was better!!! I enjyed today as i said wana try gee the crowd up and have some fun in the process!! I want the team to perform and want the crowd to come and have a good time!! Performances are improving and i hope the pirate will become a crowd favorite!!

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Not too sure about Hooky as a name (too much like Hooker for my liking!) but enjoyed the pre-match entertainment. Having a joke with the crowd and trying to liven them up before the match (especially those OAP's on the half-way line grin.gif) is a great idea.


Where was Hooky at half-time? Presumably downing his favourite ale in true pirate fashion in the Club House?


More seriously - how about wondering around the terraces during the match and trying to get the fans going? Or is that not permitted by the Club for reasons of crowd safety or something?

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