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For those going to work if it snows.....

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Put it this way - if that snow arrives around 5am as described on metcheck.com,

then forget the morning rush-hour!


Then in the afternoon - The Cheshire Gap Snow Streamer will possibly arrive over Kent bringing more white stuff.


Worse case scenario - 6 inches of snow by end of the day, assisted by winds of 20mph (enough to drift it about).



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Might only have been a little snow, Fleet Fanatic, but caused chaos again, with 4 failed trains I believe between Rochester and Swanley. The other option was to go North Kent Line and that had the fun of the bus service between Strood and Higham.


Incidentally, you mentioned "8 hours off" earlier - isnt your job like being off 24 hours a day ?? <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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