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Minor reprieve for Margate as predicted


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Following on from today's meeting between Thanet District Council and the Conference, it appears that Margate would be able to beat their May 31st deadline provided that at least some of the ground is completed by then.


From confguide


However, this does of course depend on whether they have gone bust by then, which is allegedly a possibility. It's a really sad state of affairs, particularly given that the press release points out that Margate only had to level off a part of their pitch to gain Conference approval for the old Hartsdown Park.

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Hi cookie here.Note no jibes on the football front.Just had to correct something.That part of the pitch WAS improved ( slope into the bottom corner.)But that was JUST for conference grading.The reason we are here now is that the grading went UP after that and the grading we are or were looking for was that of conference/football league criteria.You never know rising into the play offs at the beginning of the season wasnt a far fetched hope. Damned impossible now, but we had to be AHEAD of times just in case.K.P. is giving a statement out on saturday at 13.00 p.m. 2 hours BEFORE the home game with worksop.That will be in the centre circle club at the ground.Press and all are being invited to attend. Hopes are slightly improved though still not taking things for granted.Hope my friends at G.N.F.C. are all keeping well.

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Potentially looks they may have got themselves sorted - although given the history of things in the past, I dont think anyone will truly believe it until its done and dusted




Keith Piper chaired a meeting at Dover Athletic's Centre Spot clubhouse at 1pm today to a large audience of supporters and players of Margate Football Club.


Piper said the club would certainly complete the fixtures for the rest of this season. He also said that he has found two funders and will see the council on Tuesday to put a new business plan to them. He stated that the council told him if he find the funding they would be happy for the project to go ahead.


The mood was upbeat as Piper announced that once the council give approval with funding in place building work on an initial two-sided stadium to meet minimum Conference requirements by 31st May 2004 would get underway within six to eight weeks. He informed supporters that the whole stadium should be built by late summer but the main aim was to satisfy the Conference with a workable two-sided stadium complete with safety certificate by the deadline.


He brushed aside comments from the council and said they were "misrepresenting" the project. Sandy Ezekiel, leader of the council was on record saying that the council knew nothing of plans to demolish the stadium. Piper proved that this remark was inaccurate when he produced documents acknowledging demolition work from Thanet District Council.


Piper said: "I can see no issue that the council can have when the project is delivered this week for both sides not to join hands for the project to be delivered."


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Good Tactics also to knock down the stadium with no proper funding or correct planning paperwork in place to proceed when stadium is knocked down or even better employ a Stadium development specialist that has no idea over which council department to contact. Lets just hope they survive the season so that we can keep the six points they could be vital.

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