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Cray Wanderers v Enfield Town


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Hi All,

Thought I'd post up my thoughts on yesterday for those not there. Think my 6th Enfield game of the season, and yes I was at Lewes last week for comparison.

So a few changes from the previous week's line up show who Andy was unhappy with from the previous game.

First half I would say we shaded it - Nathan made a couple of really good saves but I think overall we created more. Hercules and Wyllie on the wings -Wyllie made some good runs, and at one point was ruthlessly hacked down by their 10 year old looking no 2 who got a booking .. Hercules had a few positive forward touches, but 1st priority seemed to be support the defence rather than get forward .. assume this was a management instruction?

Jake chased everything, challenged for everything and led the line well - he's vital to the cause this year, as is Sam, who came close with a shot, as well as being unlucky with a diving header when the ball was launched back in after being cleared from a corner.

We made the breakthrough at the start of the 2nd half with Wylie picking up the ball, moving into the centre and driving it home - really impressive! 

It did feel like we switched off a bit after that, and Cray had more of the play before equalising - from outside the area, allowed too much time. I would like to have seen us push on and look for a 2nd ..

Scott was replaced by Dayton (not sure if due to injury) and then Taafe and Hercules were replaced by LDV and Andre  .. Taafe had an ok game after being out the side for a while, but no 2 goal heroics like the last time we were here in January!

Although I thought the subs should have been earlier, showed attacking intent and we had a few chances to win - Coker shot tamely, and a Cass shot he created himself was well saved.

A draw was probably a fair result - thought Lewes last week looked far stronger than Cray did ..

Defence held up pretty well - one bad slip up from Richmond gave them a chance, but we did try pass the ball around more - but still think we have the players to do this even more ...

Harold wasn;t playing for them - the guy on the gate said he's torn his manuscus and is out long term - but had been playing really well for them.

Billy Crook was an unused sub for Cray, but appreciated the Ultras singing about the team of Billy Crooks (!)whilst warming up, and he came over to the Enfield fans at the end - everone was asking him to come and rejoin us - I would love it to happen!

With no one running away with it, play offs still need to be the aim and I would argue slightly easier this year with less stand out teams?

So an improvement on Lewes; let's hope we can continue to build on this ..


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