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Alan W (GNFC)

Schools initiative - Free Tickets

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In the Reporter today :-


"G&N Chief Exec, Glenn Aitken has launched a new initiative in a bid to encourage more youngsters to attend matches at Stonebridge Road"


The "initiative" is Free Admission for kids to the Morecambe game on Feb 28.


"Aitken stressed that the offer was only available through schools for group parties. We want to offer children a great day out and give them the chance to follow their local team"


"Aitken has written to local primary schools ...., but parents wishing to approach their school and organise a trip themselves are asked to ring Anna in the office on 01474 533796"


"As part of the initiative, the youngsters are being invited to come up with a new name for the recently launched club mascot."


"The winning school will be invited to perform the naming ceremony on the pitch before the match"

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I disagree - the kids that already attend our games do so because they want to or their mum/dad wants to. Plenty of posts have been made with the opinion that the club needed to do more with the local schools. This is is an ideal opportunity to do so. Besides, whilst at the game, they might buy a programme or two.....or a souvenir from the club shop. Some may even return as a paying supporter.


As I said - a perfect chance for some good public relations.

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