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'Bye 'Bye 'Gate

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So many off-the-pitch developements have happened this season that I feel we would be foolish to think that we are safe until we have amassed enough points to ensure safety as if three teams were to be relegated. I don't think it's over yet with Margate, Exeter, Barrow etc. etc..let's just keep winning, eh? Our critics would have a field day if we stayed up only because another team went bust, were deducted points, inadequate ground and the like. Let's stay up because we're good enough, as indeed we are.

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I'll second that.


It would be hugely embarrassing for us to finish in the bottom three and get a reprieve - we would no doubt be reminded of it constantly next season.


P.S. First Dover, then Ashford... the Margate tour of Kent for their home games rolls into Ramsgate for their KSC game against Welling, according to a post on foreverhartsdown.com.

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