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Stu M

Tomorrow's team?

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More or less picks itself I should think:




Gledhill Shearer Moore Skinner


Sidibe Owen McKimm Drury/Perkins (depending if they're fit)


Essandoh Omoyinmi


Subs: Mitten, Duku, Haworth, Abbey, Pinnock


And no room for poor old Matt Lee!!

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Not sure if Andy would have 3 strikers on the bench..maybe a midfielder so i reckon one of drury/perkins will be on the bench in place of...haworth:(As much as i rate rob he does seem to be a bit out of favour at the moment..and with his new born child..

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Ronnie said:
Looks like Roy will definatly go then, and Rob Haworth seems to be slipping further down the pecking order

Battersby has only signed until the end of the season, according to the BBC/Confguide websites, so I would have thought that if Battersby's move doesn't work out, we will be looking to sign Roy in the summer when his Bishop's Stortford contract expires (bearing in mind that Andy admitted in this week's Reporter that extending his loan spell would be difficult). From what we've seen of Roy so far, I would definitely be looking to sign him permanently if we can if I were Andy.

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