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Someones noticed

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Since Christmas ( wasn't that when Protheroe turned up ) we have been outplaying sides who all happened to have an off day just when they played us. Each week we have luckily had refs who are biased in our favour and cheat by picking players who are all 6'6" tall.

Morecombe was the prime example when having won 6:0 their fans informed us we were sh*te and the lone exception was an Exeter fan after we put them out of the cup who actually gave us credit for outplaying them.

This is a good thing as every week the opposition expect to play relegation favourites Gravesend and get a nasty shock.

Unfortunately someone has finally noticed...


A strangely very, very good Gravesend team

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Yeah, I have read this as well.

Now, as well as being dirty, cheating fouling, ref bribing etc, we are also apparently racist.

I stand behind the goal and certainly have not heard racist chanting at Stonebridge Road.

Farnboro' are pretty convinced though.

Am not keen on their fans from what I have read on their board but their team is better than Leigh and Tamworth.

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Fleet weren't great but 3 points was well received.

The fat bloke was winding me right up, did he get kicked in the air at all?

Don't suppose it matters, 3 points for us and relegation for them.


What was up with the weather yesterday?!? I like a bit of sunshine but was a bit to warm for my sensitive soul.


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You mean possible relegation for them:


If Barrow can't get 2nd place then nobody will be promoted from the Unibond.


If Leigh win their last 2 games while Farnborough lose their last two then Farnborough will be relegated - but this will only apply if Margate get their ground sorted!


The end of season administrative promotion / relegation possibilities mean that only Northwich are down (unless Telford end up bust!)

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Strangely we did get a lot of credit in the first game against Margate. Just like watching Brazil was one comment. Comments reverted to normal in the return match however!! Noticed also in the NL paper on Friday, there was praise for Chris Moore, and Andy Drury in the review for Player of the Year. Also Andy Ford was mentioned for picking up ''Gems'' in the transfer market.



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