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LDV Vans / Top 12

Stu M

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Now unless my arithmetic is poorer than a brain-dead aphid's powers of addition and subtraction (which may well be the case), three more points (ie. a win against Northwich) should be enough to guarantee us a top 12 finish, as only Burton or Dagenham (who play each other anyway) could catch us if either win both their remaining games (and only then if they make up inferior goal differences). Even if Telford go above us, we'd still only slip to 12th.

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Agreed, Stu M - but Burtons goal difference is only 3 behind us, so if they won both their remaining games and we lose 2 and win 1, its likely to be touch & go. Think we really need to get 4 points to make sure - so 1 win & 1 draw will do. The win should (and lets not take the 3 points for granted or it will go pear shaped), come against Northwich (no disrespect meant), so that means a draw against either Accrington or Shrewsbury will suffice.


Mind you, it would be nice to get the 3 points on Saturday (and preferably for Burton and Dagenham to fail to win) especially as it would put us in a good position to finish top Part Time Club (other than Aldershot, of course) and that would be a real achievement, especially after having only 3 points on the board after the first 7 games.

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