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Ilford 3 Abbott's 0

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Did anybody else find the unsolicited remark in the Barkingside programme about not allowing level transfers between leagues interesting?


While its true that both ESL and Ryman II promote into Ryman I, in the latter there is an automatic opportunity while the ESL effectively offers the opportunity to be considered. Doesn't seem very 'level' to me.

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Ilford told their players before the Sawbo game that the ground would not be ready in time,and would not pass the required grading requirements, so whatever happens they're staying put. Just for your info, any one of the top 3,( this season only ) if applied for promotion are elidgable to go up, so Enfield Town now look dead certs, depending on wheather they got their grading okayed by the ryman.

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foxy i admire you boys playing on that pitch all season, fair play to you. will they be sorting that out in the summer?


we have been waiting for a hiding for a few weeks now and we been getting results. hopefully that is out of our systems now and we can go on to beat either st margretbury or cheshunt in the cup final!

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from what i understand, Ilford have been approached to make a sideways move, which is not really allowed, it seems that the ryman want to build up there div 2 instead of letting it go gracefully, and the clubs in it should get distributed among the remaining feeder leagues.

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I couldn't make last nights game but a mate of mine told me that the first half was extremely poor but in the second half Ilford upped a gear and deservedly went on to win.

Re the pitch....

Its a disgrace.....

We do have some decent players who do like to play but its really uneven...

Re Ryman Div 2....

I agree with Boroman....its a sideways move with more travelling.....

I think the club should stay where it is until we have the facilities to move on.


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ETFC have also been invited into Ryman 2.

Personally I think being in the Ryman will help attract sponsoship as it is recognised (outside our cirlces) as part of the football pyramid.


It will be interesting to see how it pans out. me thinks there are a lot of twists and turns between now and 2004-05 kick off


(Foxy - nice to have u back)



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