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...and about bloody time!

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At long last I'm back, FleetFanatic.


New PC, new IP, new provider and new persona.


What with 'damaged' PC's, internet registration difficulties and 'worms'. Yes, I've had the worms, Missus. It's so good to get back on line, it's like a drug, man! I can't live without it, you know what I mean, man! The past month has been hell, keep the 'cold turkey' for Boxing Day. A months messages to catch up on? Forget 'em. Manny's gone, best of luck, Mooro's staying, bloody good job too, my player of the season. We've won, drawn but not lost. Got the okay for the LDV, Notts County at home...again? Northwich on Saturday, last game of the season...when do the preseason friendlies start?


It's good to be back.

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Doubt we'll be able to play Notts County in the LDV, as they will probably be in Northern Section while we would be Southern Section.Orient or Brentford at home would be nice though. Thats some way off yet, however - lets get the 3 points on Saturday to round the season off in the manner it deserves.


Forget the fact that the game is virtually meaningless, offering only the difference between 10th and 12th for us and a positive end to the season for the opposition. Forget as well, that the opposition are , and still will be, rock bottom, come 5pm on Saturday, regardless of the result.


Simply get as many down to Stonebridge Road to acknowledge the players and the backroom staff for their supreme efforts this season, in particular since mid December.


Next season looks exciting at the moment -- like many I cant wait to see a strong start to the season that gives us the launching pad for a positive challenge for play offs at least. It may or may not happen, but it cant hurt to dream, can it??

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