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M11 Junction 5 at Loughton.

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You know i have been going up to London for the Hospital, well it costs too much for my misses to pay for train fare to London.


So I decided to drive to Debden (Nr Loughton) where my grandad lived before he passed away. Then catch the Central Line tube.


DID YOU KNOW? (Told by mum today)


The reason why you can only go to London from Junction 5 and not to Stansted and Cambridge and you can only get off coming from London and not from the North.


Well I was told that because the Bank of England are based there, when the M11 was first built it was to stop people knocking off the Bank of England which is close to the M11 junction at Loughton and bombing up North before the boys in blue could catch em. As it is more busy going into London, they thought they would not be able to get away.


Interesting Hey.


Now you'll tell me, you all knew that anyway.

The Flag. <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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