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A massive game tomorrow evening as we welcome title outsiders Worthing. A win would put us 3rd, a draw would secure promotion and a defeat would leave us needing a point against Croydon on Saturday.


Hopefully we will be in party mood and everyone will bring a little someting to add to the atmosphere, streamers balloons etc


With Boot and Carbon suspended, any ideas on the starting 11 for tomorrow? Worthing will also be without two regualrs as they also got sent off in the Boxing Day clash with Lewes.



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To be perfectly honest I can't see Eddie changing anything that he doesn't have to so I would just expect Carbon and Boot to be replaced like for like by Riddell and Miller. Just wondering though, if Miller were to play poorly tomorrow night whether, when Carbon is back Saturday and if we still need points, Riddell may partner Hodges in the last game. Anyway, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow night and Saturday won't be an issue. What price a Miller hat trick for tomorrow night?

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After the Met Police game Matty said that he would score the winning goal tomorrow night from an overhead kick. Let's hope so!

Think the game is even more ironic for me after all the banter with my Lewes season ticket flat mate. A win for us tomorrow night will mean Lewes win the league and if that happens, their manager has promised to come on and play against Banstead on Saturday.


Brighton Rebel



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Looking forward to tonight's match and hopefully we can finish it off tonight and Saturday won't have to be too tense. Does anyone know whether we are going to be able to take the flag round at half time? I really think we should and as Matt said on the other thread he would be up for it as well. A couple more people and we could earn a bit more money especially as some people have already come on here and said they will happily donate if given the chance. See everyone tonight for (hopefully) a good result.

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