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Proud of the boys!!! - Slough 1-1 Worthing


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Well were now all but up and know it. Dulwich have to win about 16-0 on Saturday to stop us going up so when the whistle went it was a bit of a case of well we all know were effectively up, but you don't know what to do until it's set in stone.


As for tonight - I was worried going into the match, but the boys were superb. Yes first half worthing did have the better of the play, but we had the best two chances.


Second half apart from the goal they did not get a kick - we were awesome. I think there were 3 Wilko's on the pitch at one stage - the man was everywhere.


In previous years lately like I said before I think our players have had more talent, but we now have a team if that game was played last season and it was raining we would have bottled it, but the lads got stuck in and did the supporters proud.


GOING UP!!!!!!!!



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Cracking match game of two halves in the sense of the weather with the rain nearly flooding the pitch for the second half and making it a lottery Yet credit to both teams for making it an entertaining game it would have been good to win against a tough Worthing side but a draw was the right result and what an equaliser from over twenty yards out Foster had no chance all performed well with Wilko Daly Murth and Hakki standing out hope the result is enough to get us promoted to a higher league where we deserve to be and for the superb supporters of the 'REBELS'

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Well done to Slough for what has been a seriously nail biting but very exciting end to the season.

I think we were worth three points tonight - but who cares we are going up!

Lewes are also now all but champions and I got a lift home from some of their very happy fans (i think they had nearly there as many as Worthing if you include all the Lewes players and manager also at tonights game). Maybe people say i'm a bit biased, but overall i reckon they deserve the title, and are an example of a very well run community club who not that long ago nearly got relegated out of the conference into the Sussex County League. Well done to them and once again well done and nice one to the Slough players and management.


Brighton Rebel


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Well done Rebels!!!


It's been one hell of a season filled with up's and down's but to top it off and all but secure promotion with such a gutsy performance is outstanding!


Congratulations to the team amd management!!!



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Do you know what? Strange as it sounds, I find it difficult to come on here and say 'Well done Rebels, we're going up!' because it might somehow tempt fate and a bizarre set of scorelines on Saturday. of course, logic tells you we're 99.99999% certain of going up ! But somehow, If we'd won 1-0 tonight (and I think we deserved to win), I'd be much more comfortable !!


Weird. Well done Slough on a terrific season and (almost certain) promotion ! <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Agree completely, Matt - the liklihood of the set of bizarre scorelines is vanishingly small, yet there is this nagging doubt...



Just one other comment, as it hasn't been mentioned so far...


Additional congratulations are due to Hodges for scoring Slough's 100th goal of the season - quite an achievement (100 goals in 45 matches).


PJ <img src="/images/graemlins/chat.gif" alt="" />

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Proud and happy... Yesssss !


Bloody Well done !.... it's been a great season really...and now we can still finish runners up !


No pressure...LOL.....


Looking forward to Saturday and we should all be able to sing and be happy ....and totally relaxed !!!!


Only if Dulwich are not scoring (LOL)....



Well done to The Team ! and the management staff

Who without them - nothing would have been achieved .......and to our supporters- you're the best !


Just look Worthing brought about 30 if we had been playing there in such an important game we would have taken over 200 !!!! just proves we support our team both home and away ! (THE BEST)


well done to everyone....

Thanks to Martin Deaner for funding our team !


and for Roy keeping it all together !!!!


Now supporters Saturday's River boat shuffle....support this event! and show the boys our thanks...


its only 12-50 inc refreshments


see you saturday


regards chris



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Well done on going up, glad we both finally made it!


You were clearly superior to us in the recent game and by the looks of it have been the form team in the division since the middle of January. I, like many, thought that horrible run of fixtures you had in February would screw you over but everyone rose to the challenge and Hodgey has been a class act.


I'm sure you are all probably wondering, like us, what may have been with a bit more luck but every team will be doing the same.


Let's look forward to some great football next year and couple of exciting derbies!!



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Brilliant performance in ridiculous conditions. Any other time of year and that match would have been abandoned. I thought we were totally in control second half when the conditions were at there worst and deserved to nick all three points. Shame the game had to be played like that as I wanted a "proper" game against Worthing to compare the two sides. When we played at their place we were not in any sort of form.


I thought Foster was suberb his handling in appalling conditions was faultless.


Well done to the boys. I hope nothing stupid happens on Saturday. Walton better not concede double figures or we will all feel fairly stupid.

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If you are on about the incident last night it was clearly Murphy's fault in my opinion. In those conditions there was no point in rushing off your line when Murph could have easily dealt with it.


Foz was excellent last night anyway in my opinion as they all were.

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