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Snooker Punch-up

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"MARK KING and Quinten Hann will slug it out in the boxing ring after signing up for a staggering £10,000 prize fight.


Th snooker stars are already in training for their potty punch-up scheduled for four, two-minute rounds on June 11.


It will take place at London’s famous boxing venue, York Hall in Bethnal Green, and has been sanctioned by the ABA.


Doctors cleared the men to fight after medicals yesterday and they have signed up with local clubs in the weeks running up to the big clash.


Essex hardman King, 30, offered to take on Aussie firebrand Hann, 26, after watching his stormy Embassy World Championship match with Andy Hicks last week.


The pair almost came to blows when Hann labelled Hicks ‘short and bald’ during his 10-4 first-round defeat.


Shaven-headed King rapped: “I can’t wait to smash his face in. Andy Hicks is a nice bloke. Hann was just picking on him because he is small and his career isn’t going so well.


“That’s rank out of order as far as I’m concerned and Hann has always loved himself.


“I haven’t got much hair but happen to be 6ft 1in so let’s see how he gets on against me.


“I’m right up for this even though I’ve never been in a boxing ring in my life.”


The pair will slug it out for charity over seven frames of snooker before swapping their cues for the canvas of the ring.


Snooker chiefs have ordered players to curb the bad behaviour that has tainted this year’s championship at The Crucible.


King was edged out 10-9 in the first round by Graeme Dott but uses his spare time to stay superfit with five-mile runs.


The burly potter, who is training with a pal at a secret location in Wickford, added: “When Hann first came over here as a boy he thought he was the business.


“We used to beat him as juniors and make him cry.”


World No 14 Hann will work out at Nomads Boxing Club in Edgware with IBA super-cruiserweight champ James Guiver.


The fiery star, from Melbourne, is now based permanently in the UK.


He said: “King is a bully. As a junior he used to stand over everyone throwing his weight about. He took $500 off me once over a game when I was 17 and hasn’t let me forget it.


“I have been biding my time. If he wants to step into Andy Hicks’ shoes, so be it. He’s a big bloke and I am more of a ladies’ man than a bruiser.


“But I’ll keep smiling all the way to the ring where I will knock him out.”


Hann’s manager George Barmby is acting as promoter and is close to agreeing sponsorship with bookies Stan James.


He said: “This fight has the potential to be one of the greatest sporting events of 2004.


“Quinten and Mark have been having a go at each other verbally and this gives them the chance to sort out their differences once and for all.


“This fight could be great for snooker. People like to see a bit of controversy. All this c**p about Ronnie O’Sullivan’s gestures and Quinten’s square-up with Hicks haven’t done the sport any harm.”


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Return Of The Zeal said:
No chance.

Very difficult for an Essex bloke to get into EFM,

Well, there goes my hopes and dreams!! <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
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I'll see what I can do! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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