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Who should be on the shopping list for next season


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Well now we are well minted who should we get in for next year. I think rather than splash all Steve's cash on David Beckham or Terry Henry we should get a few. Here's a few suggestions to set the ball rolling (one forward, one midfielder, one defender)


DJ Campbell - I know I've bored everyone shitless with this but he is 2 years older and wiser than before has absolutely frightening pace and a fine goal scoring record. The perfect partner for Hockers.


I imagine there will be some fall out from Hornchurch with Garry Hill pitching up there and two I like are Keeling and Kerrigan. Keeling left Dagenham when Hill was there so could be up for a move, not too sure about Kerrigan's situation but a popular player when here and I don't think anyone would disappointed to see him back.


Any more for any more?



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Personally I'd go for more of a "target man" type striker - somebody to hold the ball up, up front. Probably the best in the league in that role is McAllister at Basingstoke but I don't think he'll want to drop a level!


I reckon midfield will be the key area needing work over the summer, will have to wait and see who's available.

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From the Hornchurch Forum....




Vinnie John

Ollie Adedeji

Lee Williams

Danny Cowley

John Bradley

Dave McCarthey

Keith Rowlands

Johnny Keeling

Gary Abbott



Tranfer Listed


Bertie Brayley

Danny Kerrigan

Tony Maynard


There's a few there I wouldn't mind having - interested to see they're keeping 2 former Blues, Andy Douglas and Mark Graham.

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I think DJ is a quality player but I think we are to bring in a forward it should be a target man for Danny. The area to work is midfield particularly to bring in a creative midfield player and a winger to get some good balls into the box. Could do with more strength at full back as well wonder how much Hornchurch want for Danny k

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From the Hornchurch list I would go for Vinnie John, John Keeling, Ollie Adedeji and Keith Rowland. It would be good to try and get Ollie back, which would shore up the defence even more and Rowland is a reasnonably good left back who used to play for West Ham.


Another player for the shopping list: Gary Dixon of Boreham Wood seeing as they will remain in Ryman Div 1 and he did well when he was on loan at Billericay.



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Went to see Chelmsfords last league game last week at home to some welsh team.


They had a player called 'George' - not sure of his full name, everyone just kept shouting go on George. - But he was tremendous, reminded me of Joe Baker in his prime. Played in midfield and seemed to have a free role, but was not scared to take on players and get some crosses in.


Now Chelmsford are staying in the same league he may not mind moving.

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I was at the Chelmsford match against Merthyr Tydfil as well as I couldn't get to Northwood. I have seen them a couple of times this season and the player your talking about is George Lay. He is a Chelmsford youth product and looks a good player and scores goals as well. He has tremendous pace and skill and would be a player worth getting if we could.



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I think he has an option to sign for next season but he still lives near Northampton and therefore will probably be looking for a club closer to home shame to lose him as he is a high quality keeper for this level and clearly capable of playing league football. Does anyone know whats happening with JJ

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