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Italian Divorce Court

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Angelina and Giuseppi were standing before the judge in divorce court.


Angelina says: "Your honour, we beena marry 25 years ana Giuseppi always picka his nose an whenna we maka love, hesa never letsa me ona top.  I justa canna taka dis nomore."


The judge listens solemnly and then addresses Giuseppi.


"Giuseppi, is disa true?  You always pica you nose and you never let Angelina on top?"  What have you gotta say fora youself?"


Giuseppi says, "Well you honour, itsa true.  I picka my nose a lot and I tell Angelina she's a gotta stay onna bottom."  Itsa all go back to when I'ma a younga boy. My poppa, he's a very smarta man and he say to me "Giuseppi, I gotta tella you da two main secrets ofa hava successful life.  Number one, always keepa you nose clean ana number two, never screw up!"

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