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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Mark (Flag) Braintree

Germany Bargain & Question for Colin - Germany.

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Just received a letter from DFDS, as I had previously used their mini cruises to go to : Hamburg / Germany, Stockholm / Sweden during close season.


They are doing a 2 night stay on a ferry Harwich to Cuxhaven for 44 Squid each person. Includes 2 nigths cabin, and a couple of hours travelling around the area after a coach transfer. Ok 2 hours is cr@p but you can play on the Casino watch a Bulgarian band (that was on offer last time)on the Ferry, got an en-suite cabin.


Shame they stopped doing the Hamburg / Stockholm ones, if you want these you have to travel to Newcastle or Hull to get em.


Planning to do it for Mrs Flag and I for first week of July, as after the 13th July Pre-season begins and I refuse to go away, during the domestic season.


QUESTION FOR COLIN. Colin what is actually in Cuxhaven any ideas? What is it known for? Where is it near too, which major city or top flight German Football Club, so I can get my bearings before we book it. Thanks, Flag. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


When I did Stockholm and Hamburg used the time to visit their grounds.

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Cuxhaven is best known for being a port at the mouth of the Elbe River. The ships which use it save having to travel 80 km or so along the Elbe to Hamburg and back again. I do not think it is famous for anything else, although it is trying to develop water sports. I suppose the telephone tower could be described as a tourist attraction.


There are some webcams on the pages of Cuxhavener Nachrichten (Cuxhaven News). So now you can see for yourself what the place is like. Click on the pictures to see them a bit bigger.


The nearest towns are Bremerhaven, 30 km to the South, Wilhelmshaven, 50 km to the West as the seagull flies, Oldenburg, 75 km SSW, and Bremen, the nearest Bundesliga club, and double winners in the season just finished, 75 km South. Helgoland is actually only 60 km away, but that doesn't help you very much as it can only be reached by sea. Hamburg is about 80 km away, but is easiest to reach.


The biggest football club in Cuxhaven is Rot-Weiss Cuxhaven, who play in the Landesliga, which is the 6th level from the top (the Bundesliga being the top level).


The greatest cup success of a Cuxhaven football club was that of SV Cuxhaven un the 1975/76 season, when they lost away to Waldhof Mannheim in the round of the last 128. The most famous player for SV Cuxhaven was Ottmar Walter, who played for them in 1943.


The biggest football stadium in Cuxhaven is the Jahnplatz.



27474 Cuxhaven

Telephone: 0 47 21 - 2 62 06

It is shared by FC Eintracht Cuxhaven 01 e.V. and Rot-Weiss Cuxhaven von 1990 e.V.


I hope this is helps and is interesting.


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I've spent the last four days in Germany at the Rock am Ring festival, held at the Nurburgring race track. Everybody that I spoke to was friendly and accomodating and I enjoyed more than a few galsses of Bitburger lager with them. It was nice to drink in the company with young people from a different country who are not reactionary and want to smash your face in whenever you look at them or say something they don't like. Some of them even had a sense of humour, which was pretty handy as one of the few German phrases I can say is Ich Habe Durchfall, which translates as I have diarheoa.


I do have to question their taste in music though! While they seemed pretty reasonable in the festival, in the discos held in big tents just outside the race track, I witnessed approximately 500 merry germans singing along with CLiff Richard and having the time of their lives. Fair play to them, I guess but at 3 in the morning this wasn't my idea of a party. Ho hum

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Mark (Flag) Braintree said:
I will have to go and see Eintracht Cuxhaven (Football Club.)

Eintracht Cuxhaven 01 were founded not in 1901 as you might have thought, but 2001. Unfortunately, they only finished runners-up un the second Kreisklasse (District Division), but it is possible that they may be allowed to play in the first district league next season.

From the top downwards in Germany, there is:
  • the Bundesliga (the federal league)
  • the second Bundesliga
  • the Regionalliga (the regional league)
  • the Oberliga (the upper league)
  • the Verbandsliga (the association league)
  • the Landesliga (the Land or federal state league)
  • the Kreisklasse (district league)

So Eintracht Cuxhaven were playing in the eighth level from the top, as were the clubs in e.g. Rymans 2.

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Christmas Fayre where a glass of hot Gluvine(mulled wine) on a cold winters day is recommended.

There are Christmas Fayres with Gluhwein everywhere in Germany, but not in the first week of July!

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