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I think the website is an absolute disaster - in fact it's so bad I'd actually prefer to go back to the red one!!


The site concerns a football club not some robot wars appreciation society so can the club please ask the designer to get rid of that totally irrelevant robot. If the designer wants to be clever then an animated Hooky would be far more appropriate.


We cannot be far off being the laughing stock of the Conference.

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As I don't have a broadband connection at home every time I try to connect to the web site I lose my internet connection.

Of course with the state of the art equipment we use at work I can see the robot as much as I like.......which isn't very much.

The fact that other clubs fans take the p*ss out of our website probably isn't that important but if ( as one of the Welling fans said ) anyone needs to access the site to get directions and they can't do it then that will lose us gate money.

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