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I see from the lack of response you have nowt to say to me...<p>Well, that is okay as I would agree that I have been a tad negative of late.<p>But (ooooooo, the sting in the tail bit) was you at the Bedford game? Or, the Canvey game?

What did you think of out "little" (an understatement here) striker who played against Bedford? You know, the one that scared the living crap out of the Bedford defenders by springing up from behind various blades of grass (We in the Cow Shed got wise to that one and just looked at any empty bit of ground around the "box" and shouted "he's there, he's there - and guess what... he was, 'cos we could hear his little gnome laughter). Did you think he was class? Or just another one of GC's no hopers? Shame that we have to put up with these one game players now, at the end of of what is a competative league season and not a pre season friendly, don'tcha think? <p>I know it's not a pre season friendly 'cos

a) the admission fee to New Lodge is still £7

B) we wouldn't have played Bedford (or Canvey for that matter)

c) it was Easter weekend. Pre season friendlies start in August (or July or whenever).<p>Now I don't wish to get all bitter and negative again 'cos you are quite right, my usual expective, positive true blue attitude has been displaced by a "why should the supporters bother 'cos it don't much look like the team does bother" attitude and I apologise. <p>And why the change of attitude... Well, you see, I glanced Mr. Moore jnr's article in the Gazzette this week and he said it all concerning the "revolving door" to Gary C's office and the patient waiting we supporters will have to do for the rest of the season.

So apologies to all who thought I was becoming a moaner and a knocker. I wasn't, really. I just thought that it was a bad thing to have an unsettled side, even in the death throws of a competative season. I stand corrected.<p>Oooooooo, one more point (there is no holding me back now). At Boreham Wood we had three strikers. Now we have none. Wooo hooo, another saving...

(Dare some smart [****!!****] say we have just signed a striker...).<p>And one more thing.... while I'm in the swing of it all. Didn't we do well against Canvey in the last 20 minutes of the Easter Monday game when we attacked them. Now, what was the game plan from the kick off... Defend? Smother the ball in midfield? Stop Canvey from playing? Well, that got blown apart after 6 minutes, eh? Sorry but I was just one of the many disapointed 'Ricay supporters who just thought we could have made more of a game of it over the full 90 minutes and not the last 20. Still, good luck to Canvey who polished off a very lack lustre 'Ricay side (or "lacking" 'Ricay side).<p>Yer ever luving Gazza...

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