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Simon BTFC

Team For Next Season

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so these players have signed:

Jerome John (gk)

Dave Mcdonald (Right Back)

Juho Rantala (Central Defender)

Lee Williams (Midfield)

Mark Brennan (Midfield)

Martin Carthy (Midfeild)

Joe Baker (Midfiled/attack)

Mark Graham (Midfeild/attack)

Scott Forrester (Striker)

Paul Fewings (Striker)

Ricard Shittu (Striker?)


looking good so far. What about Mooro, Penn, Henty, Savidge, Dickinson, Morris. Any news?

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Somebody asked about Russell Penn at the end of last season - I think the answer was something along the lines of "He'll do pre season and see how it goes" - obviously he's had a mare with injuries this past season so I reckon they'll take a look at his fitness. Don't forget the list of players above is those on contracts - As ever there'll be a number of players offered non-contract terms. As usual we'll have to see how things go pre season as to whether any of the others you mentioned are retained. Going on past seasons Gary likes to have a look at a number of younger players pre season as well and, with each team being allowed to name 5 subs on the bench, i would guess that the 1st team squad will be somewhere around 18 strong, with a number of players also earmarked for regular roles in the ressies.


For the Russell Penn Q&A


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I would expect Mooro, Henty and Dickinson to still be with us, but I'm more unsure about Penn, Savidge & Morris.


If i could use my favorite CM-tactics, the team would probably look like this:




Forrester,Fewings, Baker.



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<blockquote><font class="small">So said Marky B:</font><hr> John.

Dickinson, Rantala, Moore, McDonald.

Baker, Graham, Carthy, L. Williams.

Forrester, Fewings. [color:"blue"] [/color]



<hr /></blockquote>


What about 5 subs? Don't think much of the decision to increase the number permitted - just means it's even more likely that the clubs with the biggest squads (ie C*nvey and Aldersh*t) will win it.

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