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100k but still skipper

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The odds are that Beckam will get a 100k fine and told to behave but will still be England captain

Now do we really want this idiot back to his best as a player and surely we have had enough of his verbal sugar lacking all intelligent football comment before and after every England game

If the FA had the balls he would simply be a squad player who was last in any list of players interviewed before or after a game and leave him to (slowly,oh so slowly) understand that the knowledgable football fan would prefer his two grey cells to focus on his feet

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While I agree with your sentiments, I wonder what the FA could actually fine Mr Beckham for? What has he actually done wrong - I can't find anything in the Laws that you says you can't deliberately get cautioned.


There is of course the old catch-all of Unsporting Behaviour I suppose.

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