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Says it all Thanet Council


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"think Thanet District Council should be ashamed of the way they have conducted themselves. In the final analysis, if this scheme is not viable, the club will fold and the land will revert to the Council. What is their problem? Either the scheme works and everyone benefits, or it fails and the Council gets the land back" unquote.

37. Simon Grier

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The petition has now reached 240 posts from all over the world and is one and a half as many more than was hoped. The interest is now enormous.It is now worldwide and includes posts from some very important people in this land of ours.

I would like to see messages continue to flood in and we all hope these kind messages of support DO continue until they are handed in to the council for them to see the effort and feelings from people worldwide. Another day beckons and it is hoped that this figure can be DOUBLED by tommorrow night. To everyone who has posted thank you and please keep them coming in. When the time is right all posts on this will be forwarded to this tory council.Thank you to those who have posted so far and to those that we hope will follow suit. "UP THE GATE"

Thank you to all those worldwide and nationally who have posted with their kind comments so far. Football is not just about winning or losing but seeing fair play.

Your input in this matter has been noted and thanks go out to all those who have taken the time to do so, who have already posted and to those that may tomorrow. Margate F.C fans..A fight for survival.

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