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A Big Match Tomorrow!


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OK, we have had a fraught couple of weeks, and it has been hard to even think footy, but is anyone else apart from me looking forward to seeing the lads play tomorrow?

Considering a fortnight ago I was thinking that I might never see them play together again, I am feeling pretty emotional about it all.

In fact I cannot wait!

With some returnings from injury we may have a fairly strong team, my guess is:



Barnett Smith Edwards Bouadji

Oates Keister Clarke Benvenides

Baptiste Stadhardt


Bench: Hussain, Charalambous, Jjunju, Watson, and either Gradley or Green fitness permitting, or Ngongou if not.


What I want from tomorrow - a big cheer when the team come out (first and second half), a big hand to the lads at the end win lose or draw because we love them, singing all the way through, and of course a resounding Margate WIN.


Tomorrow I would like to forget we are in crisis and act like we are a football team with an ongoing and ever brighter future. I am tired of being downhearted and want to enjoy my football.

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My team would be as per Margate Fan excepting Oates to play proper defensive role, with Edwards stepping down to subs bench and Gradley definately in midfield-we have really missed him.


Guess its down to who is fit however.


I see Redbridge have signed 6 in last week, mostly with league experience and have had one game together , narrowly lost at WsMare so this will be a very very tough one

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Cant make it tomorrow,work commitments, but sincerely hope the team do the business. We are indeed wanting a result tommorrow. Good luck to the team. Give em'hell and give us 3 valuable points. There will be a man-of-the-match poll,as always with home games, after the game, so watch out for your "star" man. Hopefully they will all be "stars" tommorrow.

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I still think Watson has more impact as a super-sub. It is also runoured that he had a foot injury after the New Year match.

I would say bring him on to scare the defence in the second half, if he is fit. He always seems to do more damage when he plays a period rather than the full time.

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loved to beat these guys cos we have never beaten them. I saw the lousy cup game in 1970 when we pummelled them for 20 mins and lost 2-o <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

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