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Transfer window?

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But then in yesterday's NLP paper there was a large piece on the Conference wanting to expand it top division to 24 teams and have 3 up/3 down between league two and the Conference National. If this was the case then surely the Conference National would need to come into line with the Football League and abide by these rules!!!! It could cause clubs like the Fleet some serious problems but we will have to wait and see how things develop.

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You might be right, but as I said above if the Conference want the league to agree to the 3up/ 3 down scenario then I think they would need to come into line with the league's rules. In all honestly, there is very little now between league 2 and the Conference and the gap is decreasing. Non-League teams can even hold their own against the best teams and the FA Cup proves. In future, I think the only way to survive in the Conference National will be to become a full time team, as it will get harder for part-timers!!!!

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Given how long it took the Conference to obtain a second promotion spot, I suspect a third one will be a long time coming.


As for the transfer window, you're right - the presence of part-time clubs in the Conference is probably one of the reasons the window won't apply to us.

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It might not directly apply to us but surely it would mean we wouldn't be able to take on loan players from higher division clubs?Therefore it would affect us..

I would have thought that League clubs would still be able to loan out players to clubs of Conference status or below, but I must admit I'm not 100% sure about this. Anyone able to provide any clarification?
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