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level 5 play offs

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If like me you expected that the draw for level 5 play-off was supposed to be made in January ?


then this from kempster is interesting


A draw will not now take place in January.

Instead the National League Committee have decided to await the conclusion of ground-grading to see if a draw will be necessary. My interpretation of this is that the process will now work as follows.


If there are more than 8 eligible champion clubs, then playoffs will be required. There will be between 3 (if 13 clubs) and 7 (if 9 clubs) byes depending on how many eligible champion clubs there are. It may be that this draw will be completely random. A better way would be to seed it in some way (? points per game) and those teams with the best playing record would receive the byes.


If there are exactly 8 eligible champion clubs, then these will be promoted.


If there are less than 8 eligible champion clubs, then 2nd placed clubs will be considered from those leagues not putting forward a champion. The champion clubs will be promoted and playoffs will be organised between the 2nd placed clubs for the remaining places.


In the unlikely event that there are less than 8 eligible clubs then clubs in the bottom two positions of the step 4 leagues will be reprieved - again based on playing record.



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If one didn't know better, it could look like the FA have taken a common sense approach to something and decided to actually do what we all thought they should have done in the first place - i.e. wait and see. But then, we do all know better, don't we?

Such a cynic and in one so young! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />

I will not see you tonight- Be lucky town.
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