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OI! Webbo!!!


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I notice that Laz EFM leads this season's Prediction League with 44 points and that you are bottom with 3.


Do you think that it would help if you went to the occasional game?


Oh, by the way. The Legend that is Steve Clark left the club about 5 years ago and he is unlikely score the first goal on Saturday. It's also been quite a while since the attendance at t'Park was over 2000, mate.


Any news of Mrs Webbo yet?


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What a week, Webbo!


First the glorious return of lone, round the world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur with the new record safely tucked in her spinnaker. Then the wonderful news of the forthcoming nuptials of Prince Charles and Camilla P-B. Then, I caught on the radio this morning that the Labour party is to issue 6 Pledges, yes that's a whole SIX, today and, according to that non-medical Doctor John Reid, they will address the issues that the British Public want to be addressed. Stand by for the lunatic to resign in disgrace, then.


And then today, Webbo. Good luck to you and Mrs Webbo from me.


Oh, by the way. On Wednesday morning, you came on here and mentioned that the doctors were about to start the necessary with your good lady. What was your source of that news out of interest? Did it come from the same place that gave you the story that, [you know what's coming, Webbo], Richard Goddard had signed and committed his future to the Saints?


We've been in suspenders ever since Webbo. Keep us posted.

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