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Report from Newport


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Played well first half but went in one down due to soft goal on five minutes. Cross from left headed in. Rocky and Moses bth had good chances to score while home side made little impression.

Second half Newport played better and had two really good chances to score. While we created nohing despite bringing on Watson for Moses.

Second goal right near end. Shot beat Trego at near post.

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Can't really improve much on above-says it all.


Gate were the better and classier side but could not say they deserved to win after missing a few, and giving away sloppy goals.


It looked as though Margate played well, but truth is probably that Newport were very poor (yet still got the points).

After 2 minutes Smith has header cleared off line, (actually there was not much real power in it),then bal goes up Gate end and we concede

sloppy goal .Edwards beaten all too easily on left of box, ball loops over,Trego not tall enough to get it and they head in.


Trego has nothing else to do all half


Rest of half was relatively entertaining with good stuff from Charambolous, but towards end of half Rocky skies over from 10 yards and then Moses fails to beat the goalie from 6 yards.


Second half much the same excepting Newport also fail to put away two early decent chances, then followed up with a stunning save from Trego-guy blasts low from about 8 yards and Trego stretches to left and pushes it wide-one of best saves ever seen.


Darren on for Moses, Barnett for Alex and JK goes to midfield.


Then Che fails to connect hard enough from about 3 yards and shortly after Rocky heads a goalbound Watson header over the bar when if he had left it, might have gone in on its own.


Further sloppy late goal in 91st minute.


Again-Gate played quite well but ran out of luck today.


Everyone played ok-Again Greg back to his best ,but m.o.m was probably Alex Chara.-even though taken off, he was a real dynamo and very creative (amazing that i'm saying that as in early part of season thought he was shocking, but as per other reports of recent games, he was outstanding today and every respect to him.

He has a touch of the Terry Mc Flynn about him but on todays form is probably better.Is quite a creative player


I have to say that Edwards was dire for 65 minutes-as usual never won anything in air. but was also beaten to every ball on the ground.Never attacked the ball at all and attacker always got there first

Frankly Bill is not a defender.He can play ok as sweeper but not as a traditional defender.


Sweeper either has to be JK or Bill.They can't play alongside each other


Whilst Bill was awful for 65 mins.,have to say that after subs when he moved back to sweeper, he did play a bit better and also looked happier and more confident.

At the same time Barnett looked his usual reassurred self and find it amazing that he does not make the starting line up alongside Smith

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Agree with you JJ.

The ground was awful - a wide running track all the way round and only covered stands at the side. The conditions were dreadful - a strong blustery wind making decent control and passing difficult.

Newport were a poor side. On another day with some decent finishing we would have got five. Their last goal came against the run of play when we were pushing up looking for the equalizer.


Best forgotten. I am sure that the players did not enjoy it and I could not blame any individuals for the result, except broadly our strikers (those making or seeking to make efforts on goal - half the team).

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Personal opinions of course,but on yesterdays performance would stand by what i reported.

Maybe take a closer look at his opposing players movement in front of him and you may see what i mean.


I spend alot of matches watching the defence and am sad enough to get excited by nil-nil draws;so my opiion is normally based on concentrating on that specific area.


Bond who was making his debut for Newport, gave him a torrid time and his movement showed that he had come fromm a full time team.


Equally, once he played deeper in a sweepers role after JK moved to midfield,he looked alot more comfortable, but the trouble is that way we play too deep,yet when JK plays sweeper, he does not allow the defence too play deep and we look a better side

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Bill Edwards is legend Michael, he's also a SWEEPER not a centre back so slagging him off when he's playing out of position is a bit out of order but then you're always on his case. Also, who played left wing back if it wasn't Peter Benevides ?

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PB played an 'upfield' wingback if that makes sense.

It worked ok as Newport did not attack at all down either wing.


I think my post agreed with you that Bill can be a decent sweeper but maybe not a central defender.

I am questionning whether playing Bill as a sweeper is a more worthwhile 'use of a position' than maybe an extra midfield player.


Like most of us aswell, unfortunately we cannot live on past glories, no matter how good they have been.

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Jk hasnt been playing "sweeper". He has been central at thr back going forward on occasions. Where is this "sweeper" bit come from. JK started in midfield then switched to central defender but hasnt ever been sweeper. Edwards has played exceptionaaly well of late and has done a good job out of position at full back. His best position IS "sweeper" however. In fact cant see where we have played a "sweeper" at all lately anyway.Been a back three of Edwards,Smith,Keister, with Oates & Benevides overlapping from just in front of these three. Been working well.

As for the front line and sorry if it upseys some people but Rocky has hadplenty of chances lately to atone for some dire misses but he just seems to think the ball will just go in without his help. He HAS to be more ruthless when the goalscring opportunity arises. Does the hard bit bty getting into those scoring positions but then he fluffs things everytime of late. Forget his known name he is not performing at the moment as a striker should.Goals is what counts up front and he is not scoring..in fact

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Got to agree with above post. He is not getting goals from good positions. Of course no-ones saying he hasnt been loyal and all that but he really should start putting easy chances away.

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