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70's team photo


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I've just scanned in an old Gravesend team photo from the 77/78 season in the hope that somebody here will be able to put names to a few faces.


I recognise Bostock, Smelt, Priestley, Fagan, Woolfe and Fusco as they're all former Margate players but I'm wondering who the others are - particularly looking for Graham Byford and also wondering if Mick Johnson might be there ?


The photo's here...


Gravesend 77/78


If you can put names to some of the missing faces please reply here.


Thanks !

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I make it:


Back row left to right: trainer whose name eludes me; Andy Woon; Dave Bostock; Ken Burrett; Lee Smelt; Bob Dudman; Alan Fagan? Colin Priestley.


Front row, left to right: Unknown; Steve Brown; Geoff Idle; Roger Easterby; George Jacks; Tony Sitford; Brian Woolfe; Norman Fusco; Bobby Finch.


Lee Smelt has been back this season as a scout. Andy Woon is quite a regular visitor when his company Jako are sposoring matches & Geoff Idle landscaped my garden for me many years ago. Bobby Finch died young after a heart attack following a squash match.

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Glad to have stirred up a bit of nostalgia, thanks for the replies so far - if somebody else could confirm that Graham Byford is the guy next to Colin Priestley (how tall was he ?!) that'd be good, a while ago there was somebody on this board that said they knew him.


I think Lee Smelt is the police now and apparently his son Jack is on Arsenal's books. There's fairly extensive profiles on Bostock, Smelt, Byford, Priestley, Fagan (definitely the first left in the front row), Woolfe and Fusco on my site - if anybody knows any more about what any of them are doing now or can add anything to what's on my site here.....

Player profiles - Margate FC History site


...then please get in touch.


The profiles for Smelt, Fagan, Woolfe and Fusco are about to be improved, I've got a big update lined up that includes them.

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Vera said:
Just seen you beat me to it, Alan. You're possibly right about Byford & Fagan. I thought for a minute front left might be Tony Weston, but I suddenly have a clear mental image of him & it isn't.

I remember Tony Weston was a very able captain in our SL Div 1 South Championship winning season 74-75 but he really did`nt play for much longer than 2 seasons either way so he would be definately gone circa the photo. He was a hard bugger & certainly perfected the long range slide tackle (better than Sitford even). For some reson we used to shout out to him about a parrot on his shoulder - Chas will probably know why.
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Unfortunately I can't see, or find, the referred to photo at all. I am very interested in it because between 1966/69 I played at Ramsgate Athletic along with Colin Priestley, Norman Fusco, and Dave Bostock. We also had a Bob Finch, but not sure if it is the same person that played for GNFC in 1977/78. If anyone could re-post that photo I would be very grateful. Thanks. 

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