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Unrecognized Genius

The man who brought down a president ...

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... has finally 'fessed up. The infamous Deep Throat, the insider who pointed the Washington Post in the direction of Richard Nixon's stinking laundry has revealed himself over 30 years later: Mark Felt, no. 2 at the FBI at the time. (And I always thought it was Linda Lovelace.)


You couldn't make it up: intercepting a reporter's newspaper to draw a clock on a certain page, showing the time of their next meeting, red flags stuck in balcony flower pots to confirn the meeting ... No. 8, your revelations are sometimes tantalising, but you have a long way to go before you reach this level, matey!




PS Glad to see the Danny Slatter signing is finally confirmed. Welling supporter just sent me a text, hoping he's as good for us as he was for them - don't worry: genuine good wishes. A combative midfielder who occasionally scores stunning goals.

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