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Margate Football Club has now received confirmation that Thanet District Council has granted permission for the reinstatement of the Stadium, flood lighting and temporary seating at Hartsdown Park, together with a new glazed entrance porch to the existing social club.


The Club has also received confirmation that our detailed planning application submitted in December 2004, will go before the planning committee on 20 July 2005 and then on to full council on 21 July 2005 to be ratified.


The Club confirm that its detailed application no longer includes the proposed medical centre, with the Club retaining all of it rights to make a separate application for a medical centre at a later date. The Club can confirm that arrangements necessary to release itself from the embargo got underway last week, when part of the funding to do so was released, with all balances due to be settled before 30 June 2005.


There is no further news regarding the Clubs application for a CVA and no further news is expected until the outcome of the detailed planning decision. Works to our temporary Stadium remain on course despite losing several days through weather conditions, which has delayed the turfing.


The appointed builders are due on site next week to commence both the building and refurbishment work forming part of the upgrade to the Hartsdown Stand. Progress remains on course for the facility to be ready for Bill Edwards testimonial match on 06 August 2005.


Arrangements are in place for the Safety Committee to meet shortly in preparation for the issue of the required safety certificate. The Committee is made up of the local Council, local Fire Brigade and local Police together with a representative of the Club.


The Club is working closely with both its Supporters Association and its new Youth section to formalise arrangements for the start of next Season, meetings are already being held to agree the appointment to key positions for the management of our facility.


The Club will shortly be launching its commercial programme designed to generate income from every source it has available, bringing our Football Club back to its community.


Your Directors are hoping to arrange a further meeting with supporters for a question and answer session in the Social Club and this will shortly be announced. Please try to come along, as your contribution to the discussion is highly valued.


Our Manager, who has just returned from a week away, will now be able to plan for the next Season, we will meet with him shortly and set out the budget. We are not in a position of taking any chances over our finances and our largest projected income will come from the turnstiles, which you the supporters determine.

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Awesome news. and great that CK can now start to build the squad up. any players wanting to stay with any doubts, should surely have them cleared now the ground is so well advancing and we're stepping up to be out of admin by the end of the month.


It just goes to show how much hard work everyone is putting in at MFC, and to that everyone should be commended!


Thanks again for the update. Can't wait to see the turf on the pitch.

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Dont want to rain on your parade but until the CVA is concluded I wont be so happy. It niggles at the back of my mind. When it is concluded then we will know whether MFC will survive or not.


However today is not the day to think of that.

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I tend to agree with Mr M.


It seems that the planning permission for the commercial development is the trigger to ensuring MFC remain a company that the administrator can be saved.

I would not epect the planning permission to be granted at 'first attempt'(and yes it is the first attempot for this application.


So more fingernail biting and a further fraught few months i expect.


However, over the last few months MFC have 'delivered' on everytrhing they have said so full credit and thanks to all, i just realy hope the path continues to run smoothly.

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I think the club said it should take two months to sort out the CVA. That would suggest roundabout the 29th June as an ending. I would give them another couple of weeks leeway for any unforeseen issues. Say about mid July at the latest. I am pretty certain the CVA will be concluded one way or another before the season begins.


As for the planning application. I would not be suprized if a couple of amendments are made alongside the approval. Its normal practice for an application of this scale. As long as it is given the green light.

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