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"New" - Odds - Ryman league Premier


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AFC Wimbledon 5/1

Fisher Athletic 11/2

Leyton 6/1

Margate 7/1

Billericay Town 8/1

Braintree Town 10/1

Hampton & Richmond 10/1

Heybridge Swifts 12/1

Hendon 12/1

Worthing 12/1

Chelmsford City 14/1

Staines Town 14/1

Redbridge 16/1

Slough Town 16/1

Folkestone Invicta 20/1

Maldon Town 25/1

East Thurrock United 25/1

Harrow Borough 33/1

Windsor & Eton 33/1

Bromley 40/1

Walton & Hersham 40/1

Wealdstone 50/1


Odds taken from Folkestone forum and as of yet there is no confirmation as regards the above.

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Billericay and Braintree offer the best value there. As for our odds, we were 10-1 for Conference South last season and look what happened!

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Its going to be a very "open" league and no-one i.m.o. should assume that AFC Wimbledon will just come up and walk this league. They may have the following and the cash that goes with that but another hike up the leagues will bring them onto a more level playing field now. It does need to be seen just what teams do as regards signings before a real picture can be seen. We,with some signings after an embargo lift could well be pushing for favouritism. That of course applies to other clubs with signings. As it is,and if we kept the same team as last season I see no reason why we cant be pushing for the title anyway in this league. Its going to be very interesting indeed leading up to the start of the season to see just who signs who and those early odds could change dramatically before a kick has been taken.

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Or that the bookies appreciate our status from before,realise we have an astute manager who will get the best out of whoever plays and that as a club we have a great record for coming up the leagues. We may have come down a peg or two but the name of "MARGATE FC" should still make other clubs wary of us. Its obvious that the bookies feel the same. Despite our problems we SHOULD still be a force to be reckoned with,even with the players from last year at our disposal. Still a lot of summing up and reckoning to do however, before we can really say we have a realistic chance of promotion. Who we get in,who stays,whatother clubs will do as regards to playing staff etc.Many things to muse over yet but as it is the name of "MARGATE FC" should,in itself be within the shorter odds bracket rather than the opposite,and rightfully we should be regarded as potential challengers despite our problems.

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As I said earlier, the bookies fancied us last season and we went down. It is very difficult to assess our chances with so much uncertainty. Past performance does not matter. Look at Dover, another ex-Conference club, last season. We shouldn't heap too much expectation on CK and the team.

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The comment about Wimbledon finding it more difficult this season may be true. It took Aldershot 4 seasons to get out of this division after successive promotioms from the old Ryman Div 3.

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Agree with Anon. The same happened with Aldershot. The form book went right out of the window. Teams suddenly lifted their game and players gave 110%. It was very frustrating as the Aldershot players had to raise their game EVERY week to compete. Even with the big crowds and potentially more money it was a struggle. Wimbledon have had a relatively easy run so far. They have only lost a handfull of games since their formation. This year will definately show how god they are.

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Your punctuation could do with some attention anon ... twats should have an apostrophe twat's shortened form of twat is.


Those who live in glass houses etc ...

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