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Saturday 23rd July - Volunteers wanted


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As some of you will be aware, Slough is currently the subject of a doucmentary series being filmed over the summer to be broadcast on BBC Television in the autumn. The climax of 'Making Slough Happy' will be a public event which will be held on Saturday 23rd July. As yet I don't know what the event will involve as it is still in the early planning stages. However, as it will be a community event I'm hoping that a number of you will join me in representing Slough Town Football Club from the supporters side of things.


I can't tell you any more details at this stage what this will involve, as I don't know any more details myself. However, I'd be interested to get an idea of how many people may be prepared to spare a few hours to do something for this.


Send me an email to bfr_stfc@hotmail.com if interested. That way I can update you on the progress of the event and also give numbers to the production team about how many people could help. In any case it would be a good opportunity to turn out in our colours for a Slough community event, part of which I am sure will be included when the series air on tv in the autumn.


I look forward to hearing from you




Graham - BFR

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Quite possibly, and I was worried it may clash. If it can't be then it can't be, but like I said, once I know more about it then I can give more of an idea of what is going on. Things could be over in time to get to the game. Watch this space

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